It takes time to be happy. A lot of time. Happiness, too, is a long patience.
Albert Camus, A Happy Death (via hellanne)
Do you ever wonder how many people’s dreams you have been in?
I’ve been through a lot, I deserve a lot.
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On The Run Tour - Fashion 


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“Life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care.”

— Matty Healy (The 1975)


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I understand that we are both at fault, but you can’t blame me for trying to find another you. There was no one that could come close to anything that reminded me of you. I know- I shouldn’t be trying to find someone that reminded me of you, but if they didn’t remind me of you I felt like I was wasting my time or wasting theirs. I know you tried, too. I know no one could come close. I know- you shouldn’t be trying to find someone that reminded you of me, but if they didn’t remind you of me, you felt like you were wasting your time or wasting theirs. But here we are trying to put the pieces back together and I don’t blame you one bit. I know I messed up, but so did you. So, when I tell you that I’m actually willing to put everything we’ve done aside, I mean it. Some people think we’re foolish, idiotic, and mindless when we say we’re trying again. I know we can’t mirror or replicate how we were before, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to be the best versions of ourselves toward each other.
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